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Hi, ImageSequenceSrc!

19 Jun 2014 . category: . Comments
#pitivi #gstreamer

Hello guys. I’ve written an element in gst-plugins-bad which I called as GstImageSequenceSrc. It works very similar to GstMultiFileSrc, but there are some differences.

Differences with GstMultiFileSrc.

Handles a list of filenames instead of a printf pattern as GstMultiFileSrc does.
* Having a list of filenames is useful because you can set the filenames you want,
in the order you want. For example, you can add more filenames or sort the list.
* There are two ways to create this list:
    a) Setting a location propertie. This value could look like:

  1. ’/some/folder/with/images/ or .’
  2. ’/a/path/img.jpg,/other/path/img2.jpg’ or ‘img1.png,img2.png’
  3. ’/a/path/*.JPEG or *.png’

    b) Setting the filename-list (GList) directly.

* Creates an “imagesequence://” protocol which allows the playbin to play this element. It handles a 'fake’ uri but it is useful finally.

gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=“imagesequencesrc:///some/path/*.jpg?framerate=20/1&loop=1”

* It “detects” the mimetype of the images. You only have to worry about the framerate.
* It calculates the duration.

Things to improve:

* Seeking: it seeks to the wrong image sometimes (actually, after many seeks).
* The way duration is calculated.

PD: stormer, the guy who hangs on #gstreamer, was telling me to support png *and* jpeg files (both at the same time) but I don’t see a usecase.

You can see the most-stable version of this element in 

The develop branch in (currently it is the same):


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