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How would you like Pitivi image-sequence feature look?

25 Apr 2014 . category: . Comments
#pitivi #gsoc #image-sequence

Hello! I’m Fabián Orccón. I’ve been accepted to Google Summer of Code 2014 for GNOME with Pitivi. My project consists on adding an image-sequence feature to Pitivi. The usecases could be creating stop-motion films or a 2D animation for example.
The idea of this feature came to my mind when I wanted to film a homemade stop-motion movie with my sister. I had Ubuntu, and by that time Pitivi was the video-editing tool by default. I realized that Pitivi doesn’t have this feature implemented, and I wanted to do it.
I’m not the expert in the arts of cinematography. I was talking with Pitivi people and Bassam Kurdali, director of the first open movie, about how Pitivi could handle this feature. After mixing and organizing ideas I have this mockup. It is just a draft; I don’t know if I’m missing something.

I would like you to tell me how would you like this feature should work. Your opinion as user is so important. Pitivi wants to be the best option for you!


Download | svg |


Fabián Orccón is an awesome person. He lives in Perú, the land of the Incas.