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GES sample files

13 Apr 2014 . category: . Comments
#ges #gstreamer #gstreamer editing services

Hello :) I’ve been exploring Pitivi, GES and Gstreamer during this time. I have to say it wasn’t easy to me understand how GES works. The major problem I had was there weren’t tutorials about it. So the way I was learning GES was reading documentation, looking at Pitivi code (taking all the time of the world, Pitivi code is huge) and asking in the IRC to Pitivi developers. The lack of tutorials about GES could be kind of demotivation for new people who want to help in Pitivi or just in GES. I would like new people not having the problem I had. Because of that, I will try to write some tutorials about Gstreamer Editing Services. For the while, I have samples on my github account and you can check them out.
I will be updating this repo, not always, though. I usually create samples because I need to test some feature in specific. Anyway, I hope it would be useful for you. Enjoy it!


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