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Exams and about gtravel-webapp

14 Oct 2013 . category: . Comments
#gnome #gtravel #gtravel-webapp

(Midterm) Exams are near. My friends and I had to explain our database model to the professor. There were some errors in the data type of the fields. But nothing dangerous. We were using ERWIN (over ORACLE). Actually, I don’t like ERWIN, but I had to use it. Anyway, the implementation in gtravel-webapp will be different to it. I am using Django+MySQL. I’ve been learning it and writting code at the same time. I was looking for some libraries/modules to verify IBAN, SWIFT/BIC codes and phonenumbers. Finally, I think I will use them.

I’ve been taking about 40-60 minutes per day to write some documentation  or code related to the project. But I think this week I’m going to be very bussy. What is really complicated in the carreer in my university is the fact we have at least 3 graded practice test each week.

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