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21 Sep 2013 . category: . Comments

If I’m not wrong, the last article I published on english was when I was applying for the Google Summer of Code. I didn’t have good luck. I tried to contribute more motivated by my enthusiasm on helping, though. Unfortunatelly, the university was hard and weekly examns rest my time to learn more and continue contributing to GNOME.

Why GNOME? I’ve been always hooked by usabilty and design topics. GNOME was my favorite desktop when I started using GNU/LINUX (and it still being). Not only that… I was excited about the community. When you are in GNOME you can breathe teamwork.

The professor of Databases course said to us we will have to present a project. Each class group had to design/model a database compatible with a web enviroment about some REAL company or organization. It made me think on GNOME… and why not? That could be the perfect moment to contribute and obtain a good grade at the same time. After ask for suggestions to diegoe, I got contact with the Travel Committee of GNOME.

kittykat was helping to me. Travel Committee needs a webapp to make faster the process of sponsorship of applicants. Currently they have an odt document which the applicant have to fill in and send to the Travel Committee. This detail could be faster making a webform version of the document. That’s not all. We are going to make easier the review of applications, sorting them by events, setting status, allowing making offers and making reimbursement easier with a database of receipts.

Who are we?

  • Fabián Orccón (me)
  • Alexandr Suárez
  • Paolo Rossi
  • Pol Segura
  • Eduardo Villa

Tomorrow we are going to meet at the PUCP University to model the database (I hope the whole db). I’m going to post more about this project.


Fabián Orccón is an awesome person. He lives in Perú, the land of the Incas.