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04 Apr 2012 . category: . Comments

What is cfoch-dev?
cfoch-dev is a blog focussed the other side of my life: the free software development. In this blog I pretend to comment about my geek life and programming experiencies.

Why do I program?
Because I get angry easily when I can’t see a specific tool into a program. Therefore I think: “I’d like that program can do this and that”, but I don’t like to wait for some unlikely actualization, then I program. If there was somebody who can develop all I’d want that some software should have, probably, I wouldn’t make software.

Why english?
Actually, I speak spanish. But because I’m planning to participate in the Google Summer of Code, I’ll need write my project advances in a language wich the most of people can understand. If you don’t understand the content of this blog, it’s because my english is too bad or because you don’t read/speak english.

Is there any personal blog?
Yes. It’s http://cfoch.tumblr.com

Why do I write it?
I’m boring and I don’t nothing to do


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